The Communist Architecture of Bratislava

Discover with us the recent times of blocks of flats, old Skoda cars, pioneers, red scarves and collective exercising! During a retro tour you will travel back in time in classic vintage Skoda vehicles.

The tour comprises of two parts:

  • The Communist Architecture of Bratislava
  • War bunker sightseeing

Duration: 3 hours

The trip starts with the architectural part, entering the old fashioned retro bus. Our expert guides bring to life different stories from the previous era. This tour gives you a complete overview of the most important sights of Communist Bratislava, such as the architectural rarity – the 20-years-long building of the Slovak National Theatre, the prefab concrete „jungle“ of Petrzalka urban area, the New Bridge and the upside-down pyramid of the Slovak Radio Company. The highlight of your tour is the visit to the Soviet World War II memorial Slavin and the Bratislava Castle from which you can observe the communist and historical nature of Bratislava at the same time. However, the end of the tour will take place elswhere. At the end we will take you to the outskirts of Bratislava, near the Slovak and Austrian borders,   which is a home of hidden bunkers, part of the former huge Czechoslovak fortification system – a small Maginot Line using the same pattern of the bigger one in France. The interior features original parts of the bunker accessories and devices, including weaponry, special weaponry systems, fortress turrets, and other interesting military material. Maybe you will dare to ride on an old GAZ off-road car.