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60 min. + 35 min.

20 min. - Castle

15.03. - 15.11.

24 €
Children up to 14 years old
12 €
Children up to 3 years

The best choice how to discover the beauties of Bratislava is a combination of the Old Town Tour and Castle Tour.  Prešporáčik – Oldtimer® will drive you across the old district of Bratislava situated within and outside of the fortification walls of the Medieval City. You will ride up to Bratislava castle with a magnificent view of the city and it’s surroundings.

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From the Danube you will be going to Bratislava Castle with it’s beautiful baroque garden, views of Petržalka, Austria and the Old Town. On the way you will see the Slovak National Theatre – Opera House and home of the Philharmonic, lots of magnificent churches, the upside down Pyramid, Presidential – Grasalkovich palace, the old archbishop summer palace which are today Government offices, Parliament, fortification walls, The Coronation Cathedral of St. Martin‘s …..returning to the Old Town.

After the Castle tour and on the way to the second departure point, you can taste traditional local sweets and cakes, visit a museum or gallery and sit comfortably again in an Old Town Prešporáčik – Oldtimer® or with our experienced guide you can continue a walking tour to be immersed in the ambience of the Old Town with it’s unique historical monuments. You will see the Main Square, the oldest fountain in the city – Roland fountain, old St. Clara’s Church, the last medieval city gate – St. Michael’s Gate, Executioners house, Venturska street with its famous musical life, lots of palaces from the Maria Theresa period, the Archbishop’s palace and lots of other interesting places.

Capacity :

Old town Tour: 30 places, 12, 12 and 6 seats Prešporáčik)

Castle Tour: 144 places (26, 26, 27, 27, 27 and 11 seats in Prešporáčik)

Operating hours
15.3.-15.11. (09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.)

Tickets can be bought at our selling stand at the Main square or at Eugen Suchoň square by the historical building of the Slovak National Theater. If you are a bigger group, it is best to reserve your tour upfront for a certain time and date.

In Bratislava we recommend to visit :

St. Martin’s Cathedral – coronation church of  11 Hungarian  kings including Maria Theresa and 8 queens.

Archbishop Palace –  with Mirror Hall and  a collection of Tapestries presenting an antique Greek legend of the tragic love of Leandro and Héra.

Never-ending Gap of Bratislava (for strong stomachs only!)

You will take just a short walk in the pedestrian zone to get to the never-ending gap. The gallery of Bratislava has opened a very creative room designed by Matej Kren, which is made of mirrors and books with a narrow path in the middle – while walking through the room you have an optical illusion of an infinitely deep gap. Intense experience guaranteed!

Military bunkers – from the 2nd world war with an exhibition of real weapons, items and furniture

Bratislava Castle

National Wine Exhibition with 100 of the best Slovak wines and tasting

Museum of transport

Clock Museum

Organ Concert in the Cathedral, theatre or other activities program,

Visit to the Volkswagen Plant in Bratislava

Get caught by UFOAt the height of 95 meters over the Danube, the unique UFO restaurant with it’s panoramic observation deck is located. You can experience special Mediterranean cuisine prepared by the best Chefs in Slovakia and enjoy the most wonderful view of the city.

Slovak Folklore evening

For the lovers of food and music we recommend a wonderful evening featured by traditional goose feast, local wine and folk music with folk dance performance in Bratislava or the Small Carpathians. This speciality is best to experience in autumn during the wine and goose feast season.

Pottery Workshop

Only 25 minutes from Bratislava there is the best preserved Folk Pottery in Slovakia, where you can attend a 3 hour Pottery workshop. You can try to model your own piece of Pottery or decorate a piece of pottery with special colors used for generations. Of course, once your piece of pottery is finished, we will send you the pottery wherever you would like.

Visit to the Volkswagen Plant in Bratislava

During the visit to the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava you can experience a real-time manufacturing process of the VW, Audi and Porsche cars with the company guide that can explain you the overall process how the car is manufactured. Moreover, you can try the VW Off-road race with special SUV cars at the off-road terrain next to the entrance of the plant.

Danubiana – the modern art gallery on the Danube

You can visit the modern art gallery called Danubiana which is surrounded by the river Danube and provides a great experience for visitors. You can get there by bus or by boat. A very unique alternative is to cruise to Danubiana with special modern speedboats – which will strengthen your memories of art on the Danube.

Night Life in Bratislava

Bratislava has a small compact city center with good services for reasonable prices. You can enjoy the night life in Bratislava without getting lost in the big city, moreover you can take a tour de bar downtown – as the best bars and club are located right next to each other.

For Groups we recommend to book:

Licensed Bratislava guide

Audio system for walking tour

Possibility of combination with all other services, places and visits


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