Accompanying Program

The accompanying social program is used both for the partners of the participants during the negotiations or vocational program and on the other hand also for all conference participants and partners for relaxation and pause from the demands of the program. They include presentations of local culture, history and gastronomy and possibly networking and reinforcing relations with distant colleagues and partners. Your program will be designed according to the number of people, previous experiences and experiences of participants as well as the time and space you have available.

Full Day Trip to Budapest (Hungary)

The capital of Hungary is situated along the Danube, in the heart of the Carpathian basin. Budapest has everything from History and culture to stunning cuisine. Read more
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Full Day Trip to Vienna (Austria)

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is situated only 1 hour from the centre of Bratislava, which represents an opportunity for you to enjoy a whole day trip in this wonderful city. Read more
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Jewels of Middle Slovakia

After picking you up in your hotel, your tour to the heart of the Slovakia may begin! Beautiful sights, untouched nature and big portion of Slovak culture and a lot more you will find in the middle Slovakia region. Read more
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Bojnice Chateau and Cicmany Folk Village

If you want to further explore Slovakia, see the most romantic castle in Slovakia and get to know something about Slovak culture, then this unforgettable tour is for you. Read more
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Banska Stiavnica Mining Town and St. Anton Chateau

Presporacik-Oldtimer is a unique sightseeing vehicle with a certified audio-gThis little medieval town attracts tourists with its treasures and unforgettable atmosphere. Having already belonged to the UNESCO World Heritage... Read more
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Wine Tasting in the Carpathian Region

What is the most characteristic trait for the Carpathian region, situated in the western part of Slovakia? If your answer is wine, you are right! Surrounding towns and villages will take you to their mysterious wine cellars where you can... Read more
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Slovak Folklore Evening

For the lovers of food and music we recommend a wonderful evening featuring traditional goose feast, local wine and folk music with a folk dance performance in Bratislava or Small Carpathian. This specialty is best to be experienced in... Read more
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Speedboats on the river Danube with a drink at UFO bar

Sightseeing cruises on the river Danube give you the opportunity to enjoy the panorama of Bratislava right from the deck of speedboats. Enjoy a great Bratislava boat trip and sail through historical and modern parts of the Bratislava... Read more
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Museum of Modern Art Danubiana

Is modern art your cup of tea? You are a lucky person! Less than 15 kilometers south of the centre of Bratislava, on the edge of a peninsula where the mighty Danube flows, stands one of the youngest museums of modern art in Europe – Danubiana. Read more
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Devin Castle Tour with Currant Wine Tasting

Interested in history and wine tasting? Excellent! These impressive ruins have amazing surroundings, rich history and are easily reachable from the city center by car/ speedboat in 30 minutes. Read more
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The Communist Architecture of Bratislava

Discover with us the recent times of blocks of flats, old Skoda cars, pioneers, red scarves and collective exercising! During a retro tour you will travel back in time in classic vintage Skoda vehicles. Read more
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The Small Carpathian Wine Tour

You will be taken through the colorful villages and small towns of St. Jur, Pezinok, and Modra, which lie in the foothills of the Small Carpathian Mountains, where the most famous producers of top Slovak wines have served locals and kings... Read more
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Bratislava Sightseeing

Presporacik-Oldtimer is a unique sightseeing vehicle with a certified audio-guide in 14 languages. Read more
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30 - 120 min.


Groups from 10 people.

Plunge into the world of automobile production and see how cars are made at Volkswagen Slovakia. On the other hand, adrenaline lovers will appreciate possibility of test drive on Volkswagen Touareg, which is almost up for any challenge.... Read more
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