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Prešporok – Pressburg was an important cultural city in the former Hungarian kingdom, which influenced Vienna and all Europe.  We will show you places where famous musicians such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Liszt, Anton Rubinštejn, Josef Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven lived, worked and gave concerts. Also the composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel was born in Bratislava. Less known are Austrian composers such as Johann Kaspar Mertz and Franz Schmidt, Hungarian composer, pianist, and conductor Ernst von Dohnányi, in 20th century also the famous Hungarian Opera diva Erzsébet Házy, Czech chansoniere Hana Hegerová, Israeli-swiss composer Yehoshua Lakner. Well known opera singer was also Lucia Popp, born in nearby Záhorska Ves, student of the Pressburg conservatorium and famous in Austria, Germany and USA.