Additional services

Are you looking for relevant services with which you could enrich your journey, event or conference? Inspire yourself with the most suitable services and rest assured we will help make sure that everything necessary will not be left out. The most popular services include:

Online registration

Our online registration system Hummingbird is designed to allow conference participants to create their own profile with their own credentials for specific conferences and then log on to the various activities of the conference, in the case of multi-day or multiple conferences to sign up for specific workshops, lectures and activities. The user has access to all the relevant information available at any time, including any announcements, schedule changes and additional information about accommodation, transport and so on.

Using a registration system should be planned in advance, it is necessary to change the design, structure and containing information for each client separately. If interested, please feel free to consult with our experts at the conference.

Airport transfers and shuttle service

For your guests and participants we offer the opportunity to order private airport transfers with a professional driver who will pick up your guests at the airport . A sign with the name of the guest will be displayed and convenient transportation to the hotel or directly to the Conference in a Mercedes luxury car  this or minivan.

In the case of more participants arriving at the same time we offer airport transfers in a luxury air-conditioned bus, or create a private shuttle service (eg. Every hour).

Meet & Greet

The first moment, after your guests arrive to their destination, is very important to feel comfortable and to have a good first impression of the new country. Meet & Greet meets this need by creating a network of visible friendly staff, who will help welcome guests, provide information and navigate your guests to the right place (e.g. where to be collected by the bus shuttle). For example, for a small number of passengers, 3 people can help provide a Meet & Greet facility with the actual driver of the vehicle, driver-guide or driver-leading authority of the company.


Whether guests need to be navigated, or for registration or presentation of specific information, hostesses are highly desirable supplementary services for a number of conferences and events. We will provide qualified and pleasantly prominent hostesses with a sleek appearance that will enhance the impression of the professionalism of your event.

Decoration of conference rooms

Conference facilities that are harmoniously pleasing to the eye, and thematically coherent, giving rise to a better experience of the conference room. Just a few changes to impersonal halls will create a hall with a comfortable ambiance for presenting your brand or targeted atmosphere, you need to see during your event. We can provide elements such as decorations, lighting, Gobo, plants, balloons, carpet, lanterns, candles, and many other things to make a pleasant conference atmosphere…

Interpreters and interpreting equipment

In the case of foreign-language guests and participants, or multiple-language interpretation during the conference, we will provide professional interpreters and interpreting equipment, including interpretation booths (available in 3 different standards), sound stands and interpretation overhead.  100% functionality is taken care of by our sound engineers and interpreters receive a detailed joint briefing according to your wishes and our instructions.


Each conference is a great opportunity for media representation in the form of photographs. We have an extensive database of photographers of various styles, including the best photographers available in Slovakia. If interested, please contact us.


Advanced stage of media representation of the conference is to produce a video that demonstrates active events during the conference, and also can serve for promoting conferences in the future. Our experienced cameramen will take care of the production of quality images and videos to your liking.

Branding and stationery

An essential part of each conference are printed materials such as tags, program brochures, catalogs and other small printed products. At the same time a visible banner lets you communicate your brand, goals, ideas, or company successes. The most popular example is branding materials, roll-up banners, textile walls with print, beach flags, pop-up walls, posters, as well as small “gift” products such as pens, notepads, Power Banks, USB sticks, candy and more.