UFO Restaurant

Type: VIP
Location: pillars of the Bratislava SNP Bridge, also called the UFO bridge, 95m above Danube River
Capacity: up to 130 seats   (200 standing)
Menu: from 35 € /person / 3 course menu


The restaurant belongs among the most prestigious and luxurious in Bratislava. International cuisine prepared by an Italian chef. Stylish restaurant on the top of the New Bridge was opened in 2005, offers  beautiful views of the city and river.

KOBE Steak Grill Sushi Restaurant

Type:  steakhouse and sushi
Location: historical center, close to the Carlton hotel
Capacity: up to 150 people
Menu: from 25 € / person / 3 course menu

„Place, where the true art of gastronomy is born“

KOBE Steak Grill Sushi Restaurant with capacity 150 seats is situated in Hviezdoslavovo square 13 in one of the central places of historical Bratislava, close to the castle, Dunaj river and romantic streets. In warm you can use seating on the front garden.

Design surroundings, perfect service, unique feeling for detail and excellent menu, in which you can find exceptional offer of meat, including exclusive meat KOBE, which experts consider as the most quality beef meat in the world. You will savor here the quality sushi, fishes and noodle specialities, salads, soups and wonderful deserts. The best chefs and professionally trained staff will take care of, to Your visit become unforgettable gastronomic experience.We are part of the chain of restaurants KOBE RESTAURANTS, which is having respectable name not just in the Czech gastronomic heaven.

Restaurant Hrad

Type: VIP
Location: on the Castle hill – inside the courtyard
Capacity: up to 100 people
Menu: from 17 € /person / 3 course menu


Castle „Hrad“ Restaurant offers a unique combination of traditional Slovak and international cuisine with a magnificent view of old Bratislava and flexibility of space which provides great opportunities for events. A terrace outside the restaurant is also available.

Restaurant Reduta

Type: VIP
Location: Historical Center –  Pedestrian Zone
Capacity: restaurant – up to 120 persons,  Column Hall up to 300 people
Menu: from 17 € /person / 3 course menu


Stylish restaurant offers a wide selection of national and foreign specialities. Tables for 4,6 or 8 people can seat up to 120 guests. This stylishly furnished restaurant with paintings and it’s beautiful Column Hall with capacity for up to 300 guests is suitable for business lunches, dinners or family parties.

Restaurant Rybársky Cech

Type: fish restaurant
Location: close proximity to the Danube river, next to the Archaeological  Museum, 10 min. walking distance from the center
Capacity: up to 90 persons
Menu: from 18 € /person / 3 course menu


Combination of Italian-Slovak cuisine, focused mainly on a wide choice of delicious fish, pasta and soups. With great service, it also delivers a great atmosphere of old Bratislava and it’s docks. If not for fish, then maybe for some good wine.

Restaurant Parlamentka

Type: VIP
Location: on the Castle Hill with nice view of the Danube river, 10 minutes walking distance from city center
Capacity: up to 80 people
Menu: from 20 € /person / 3 course menu


A business restaurant located next to the Slovak Houses of Parliament and Bratislava Castle. It offers a pleasant atmosphere with spectacular views of the Danube River. The restaurant offers international cuisine.

Restaurant Zylinder

Type: Old-city restaurant
Location: Hviezdoslav  Square 19
Capacity: Interior: 80 people,  exterior:  50 people, buffet:  120 people
Menu: from 22 € /person/3 course menu


Cafe Restaurant Zylinder maintains the charm and flavor of restaurants and cafes of old Pressburg and recalls the noble origins of our capital city. It’s ideal location, opulent interiors and non-traditional way of dining can help you experience the times of our aristocratic ancestors.

Restaurant Sladovňa

Type: Beer restaurant 
Location: historical center – pedestrian zone
Capacity: interior:  135 people, exterior: 120 people
Menu: from 16 €/person/3 course menu


Restaurant Sladovňa, situated in a great location – Ventúrska Street, just a few meters from Michael’s gate, along with a large outside area offering the biggest beer selection in town, as well as great cuisine.

Restaurant Rio

Type: steak house
Location: city center, close to Carlton hotel – Hviezdoslavovo Square
Capacity: up to 140 people
Menu: from 35 € /person /3 course menu


Imagine an atmospheric restaurant with dreamy interior, with a hint of distant lands, the smell of juicy steaks and fresh fish only cooked on lava rocks, Brazilian specialities, live music and great staff.

Savoy Restaurant

Type: VIP
Location: Hviezdoslavovo Square, inside the Carlton hotel
Capacity: up to 80 persons
Menu: from 26 € /person/ 3 course menu


For decades, Savoy Café in the legendary Carlton building used to form the cultural atmosphere of Bratislava. Nowadays, the new Savoy Restaurant led by chef Jozef Riska redefines the concept of traditional Slovak cuisine. Enjoy unique meals inspired by traditional home recipes as well as the latest trends in gastronomy. The ambience of the place is highlighted by legendary photographs of Bratislava taken by famous Slovak photographer Karol Kállay.

Restaurant Dunajský pivovar

Type: beer restaurant
Location: on the Danube river banks, with a panoramic view of the Old Town
Capacity: up to 500 people
Menu: from 25 € /person / 3 course menu


This restaurant is the younger version of Patrónsky Pivovar. It is located on a ship, docked along the river Danube. With a beautifully designed interior, beautiful views of the Old Town and Castle, good prices and amazing beer and food, it is a great choice for people who love to dine on the water. We offer also excursions to the local brewery.

Koliba Kamzík Restaurant

Type: traditional Slovak cuisine
Location: historical centre, close to the Main Square
Capacity: up to 95 people
Menu: from 20 € /person/ 3 course menu


This place is unique for its pleasant atmosphere of Slovak rurality, enriched by the sweet smell and tastes of traditional meals and specialities of home cuisine. This atmosphere is accompanied by helpful and hospitable staff in traditional costumes. Traditional Slovak meals such as bryndzové halušky or pirohy are a matter of course. Guests may taste also exceptional specialities as deer gulasch with bryndzové pirohy or venison feast.

Kogo Restaurant

Type: Italian
Location: historical centre in the pedestrian zone near Hviezdoslavovo Square
Capacity: up to 145 people
Menu: from 45 € /person / 3 course menu


Restaurant, primarily inspired by Italian cuisine with a large, Mediterranean style terrace located directly in the historical centre of Bratislava offers views of the Carlton hotel, building of the Slovak National Theatre and the statue of the great Slovak poet P.O. Hviezdoslav. All meals are cooked only from fresh ingredients, which are brought from Italy several times a week.

Restaurant Modrá hviezda

Type: historical 
Location: near St. Martin’s cathedral, under the Castle
Capacity: up to 60 people
Menu: from 16 € /person / 3 course menu


Restaurant with a pleasant and cozy interior furnished in a historical style and with excellent food.

Leberfinger Restaurant

Type: traditional
Location: close to the SNP Bridge, on the South side of the Danube river
Capacity: up to 150 people
Menu: from 22 € /person / 3 course menu


Historical restaurant located in a building from the 16th century. You can find here Slovak as well as international cuisine.

Altitude Restaurant

Type: VIP
Location: on the TV Tower in the woods of the Small Carpathians in Bratislav
Capacity: up to 86 people
Menu: from 25 € /person / 3 course menu


Altitude restaurant is situated at the highest point of Bratislava and offers a stunning view of Bratislava and it’s neighboring districts. In the rotating Altitude restaurant you will experience
a real 360°. You can experience here traditional as well as modern gastronomy.

Restaurant Carnevalle                             

Type: restaurant with meat specialities
Location: Hviezdoslavovo Square
Capacity: up to 130 seats (250 people – buffet)
Menu: from 45 € /person/ 3 course menu


Combining regional and international cuisine and bringing top quality ingredients along with unconventional interior design and a fine dining style. The menu is built around four types of meat – beef, veal, lamb and pork, as well as a selection of more than 100 wines. In the offer you can find fresh sea fish, sea food, risotto and pasta. You can watch your food being made in front of your eyes, if you choose to sit next to the open kitchen.

Roland Café and Restaurant

Type: city type restaurant  
Location: Historical centre, pedestrian Zone – Main Square
Capacity: up to 100 people
Menu: from 15 € /person / 3 course menu


Seventy years old restaurant is located in the historical centre of Bratislava. Restaurant offers a beautiful view directly on the old City Hall, great coffee, cake and traditional dishes.

Restaurant Meštiansky Pivovar

Type: beer restaurant
Location: 10 min. walking from pedestrian zone, Dunajská Street
Capacity: up to 150 people
Menu: from 22 € /person / 3 course menu


This brewery is particularly attractive for its own beer production with the possibility to briefly visit the brewing room which utilizes the latest technologies. The restaurant offers a combination of Slovak and International cuisine.

Beer Palace Restaurant

Type: beer restaurant
Location: pedestrian zone, behind the historical Slovakian National Theatre
Capacity: up to 200 people
Menu: from 17 € /pp /3 course menu


Enter a real Beer Palace! You will enjoy the best beer and delicious food from regional and international cuisine. Its history dates back to 1590.

Traja Mušketieri Restaurant

Type: historical
Location: 10 minutes walking from Bratislava castle, 5 min. from Presidential Palace
Capacity: up to 70 people
Menu: from 18  € /person / 3 course menu


It is the oldest historical-style restaurant in Bratislava with a very long tradition. Offers an unforgettable gastronomy inspired by the French culinary school, enriched by some elements of European cuisine, particularly the Romanesque area. Have a taste and see for yourself.

Restaurant  Riviéra

Type:  traditional
Location: Along the road to Devín
Capacity: up to 80 people
Menu: from 12 € /person/ 3 course menu


On the way to Devin has long been the tavern Riviera, but a few years ago it disappeared. In the vicinity of the Riviera however the tradition was revived in a restaurant and wine tavern of the same name. Restaurant also offers a nice terrace.

Restaurant Plzenská – Prazdroj

Type: beer restaurant
Location: close to Danube river, city center
Capacity: up to 130 people
Menu: from 15 € /person / 3 course menu


Restaurant Prazdroj (Urquell) is the first restaurant outside Czech Republic with original tank beer Pilsner Urquell. The restaurant offers amazing food and the staff dressed in traditional historic dress will make your day better.

Restaurant Flagship

Type: traditional Slovak
Location: city center, SNP Square
Capacity: up to 200 people
Menu: from  13 € /person / 3 course menu


Inside the Flagship restaurant (Bratislava Restaurant) various specialities and surprises are waiting for you. Not only in terms of Slovak cuisine, but also with regards to perception of the area as the real authenticity of old Bratislava.

Zichy Restaurant

Type: city type restaurant
Location: historical center, pedestrian zone
Capacity: up to 120 people
Menu: from 12 € /person / 3 course menu


Zichy restaurant offers various menus – a mix of the tastiest dishes from many European cuisines, as well as Slovak. Seasonal specialities are not missing on the table.. Always helpful and friendly staff are ready to serve you, advise or assist with the choice of food.

Restaurant Sinbad

Type: Arabic
Location: Trenčianská Street – 10 min. by bus from the city centre
Capacity: up to 35 people
Menu: from 20 € /person / 3 course menu


Restaurant Sindibad is a restaurant with halal food, shisha bar and you can find entertainment in the moves of a belly dancer. It is a small piece of the Arabic world full of kebab, shisha, hummus, and delicious Arabic tea. Restaurant Sinbad is named after one of the most famous Arabic mythical sailors.

Restaurant Shanghai

Type: Asian
Location: 10 min. by bus from the historical city centre
Capacity: up to 50 people
Menu: od 13 € /person/ 3 course menu


Chinese Restaurant Shanghai was established in 1992. It was historically the first Chinese restaurant in Slovakia. In 2009 the restaurant started to offer WOK SUSHI self-service buffet. The restaurant promotes traditional Chinese cuisine and culture.

Restaurant Ganesh Utsav

Type: Indian
Location: 5 min. walk from Crown Plaza hotel
Capacity: up to 90 people
Menu: from 22 € /person / buffet


Ganes Utsav is an original Indian and first Ayurvedic restaurant in Bratislava and Slovakia. Staff consist of Indian masters with years of experience from world famous Indian-Ayurvedic center SOMATHEERAM – TRIVANDRUM.

Restaurant Green Buddha

Type: Asian – Thai
Location: pedestrian zone in the Old Town, close to old City Hall
Capacity: up to 60 people
Menu: from 20 € /person / 3 course menu


Green Buddha restaurant got its name from the color of the historic building in which it is located, therefore “Green”. It is also the color of nature,relaxing and harmonic. The chef will prepare an experience of the best Thai food based on his love of food and music garnered from travelling around the world. He spent 5 years in Thailand, in Koh Samui. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Restaurant SaSazu

Type:  Asian
Location: historical center, behind St. Martin’s Cathedral
Capacity: up to 80 people
Menu: from 50 €  / person / tasting  menu


You may find here South-asian cuisine, great staff and a DJ every night. Authentic feeling of being in Thailand completes the great atmosphere. You will find here a combination of four techniques of Asian cooking – Sambal, Otak Otak, Flame and Tai Tai Grill.

Restaurant Ashoka

Type: Indian
Location: in the Crown Plaza hotel, nearby the Presidential Palace
Capacity: up to 80 people
Menu: from 18 € /person / 3 course menu


Every dish is prepared from original Indian ingredients, spices and herbs imported from India, cooked by Indian chefs, and approved by the Indian owner. Challenging gourmets will appreciate original recipes and care dedicated to every single order. The food is served by helpful staff with professional skills.