10 - 40

All year



1-2 days

Teambuilding FIT & HEALTHY is an unique one day event convenient for employees who have a sedentary type of work (ex. back office). It’s aim is to increase the efficiency in team work and to improve vitality and health of your employees.

Program combines the following aspects:

  • Teambuilding activities in Jump Arena under supervision of qualified staff
  • Yoga sessions for better health and vitality
  • Healthy meals and snack during the whole day
  • Quick training according to your preferences (First Aid, morning stretching, FIT cook and more)
  • Private transfers and professional supervision during the entire day

In case of interest, the program can be combined / concluded by an optional relax in a luxury SPA in the city center of Bratislava.

Our TIP:

The program can be repeated in regular intervals (e.g. 1x per month), which you can include in your business marketing as non-financial benefits for employees which could have a significant impact on reducing staff absenteeism due to sick leave. Do not hesitate to consult us and we will schedule the program to your liking.