1 - 3 hours


Groups from 10 people.

Your program could be composed of a ride by Prešporáčik and walking tour with visit of a church with nativity and ended by  gastronomic recompense in the Christmas Market. You will find there kiosk with traditional hand crafts, souvenirs, and delicacies from this region. Popular are gypsy roasted meat,  roasted fishes, game goulash, potatoes pancakes. Filled with goose liver or in the sweet version, various kinds of strudel (e.g. cherry-poppy). The drinks are also delicious– hot white or red wine, grog and different kinds of  „herbal“ tea, classic honey liquor or a specialty called „hriatô“. You can also skate on an ice skating ring!

TOP 10 Christmas experiences

  1. Christmas Market
  2. Ice-skating on Hviezdoslavovo square
  3. New Year´s Eve with fireworks over Danube river
  4. Walk along the riverbanks
  5. Observation point at the Old town hall
  6. Gastronomic experiences
  7. Cultural experiences
  8. Design shopping
  9. Culture
  10. Parks

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