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Are you opening a new branch of your company or have you founded a new company and you haven’t got the time to celebrate it and announce it to the public yet? We will prepare an event in your company area to introduce your company to the professionals, public, media or even to your employees and management of your mother/sister company.

We will provide the following services:

  • Sound reproduction for the event including music, microphones, DJ booth etc…
  • We will transform any of your available space to a conference room/hall which includes podium, projections, lights management, sound distribution, chairs and decoration
  • VIP catering with large choice of fine food and beverages including self-service food offering, adapted to your space
  • Staff: hostess, coordinators, moderator, cameraman, photographer
  • Company branding: advertising on walls, sticks, rollups, brochures and flyers, balloons with company branding, projections
  • Auxiliary material: ribbon for cut the ribbon ceremony, scissors, plate, decoration, light management, flowers and plants

We will prepare your event according to your wishes and budget. In case of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will prepare an estimative quotation and proposal of the program.

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