Main Square

Panoramic view

35 min. or 50 min.


10 €
Children up to 14 years old
5 €
Children 0-3

Experience a unique tourist ride to discover the oldest parts of the city. You will have a romantic experience, learn about our culture and legends which are the origins of the special ambiance of  our pedestrian zone. You will discover our coronation history, when Bratislava was the most important city of Hungary and the musical center of the kingdom.


From our unique Bratislava city train – Prešporáčik Oldtimer®, you will see the Old Town House, situated on the corner of the main square, the oldest fountain of the city – Roland fountain, coronation church of Hungarian kings– St. Martin Cathedral, old St. Clara’s church, the last medieval city gate – St. Michael’s Gate, executioner’s house, Venturska street related to its famous musical life. The famous musicians such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Liszt, Bartók, Hummel and lots of others had concerts in the city. You will learn about Academia Istropolitana – the oldest university in Slovakia, see lots of palace from the Maria – Theresa period, the beautiful Slovak national Theatre, Morový Colum, and lot of others.

Total Capacity : 30 places
Old town Tour: 30 places, 12, 12 and 6 seats Prešporáčik)


Operating hours
15.3.-15.11. (09.00 – 17.00)

Tickets can be bought at our selling stand at the Main square, which is also the starting point.
If you are a bigger group, it is best to reserve your tour up front for a certain time and date.

In Bratislava we recommend to visit :

St. Martin’s Cathedral – coronation church of  11 Hungarian  kings including Maria Theresa and 8 queens.

Archbishop Palace –  with Mirror Hall and  a collection of Tapestries presenting an antic Greek legend of tragic love of Leandro and Héra.

Never-ending Gap of Bratislava – the Matej Kren Passage – a path made ba an illusion of reflect of mirrors of never ending walls with books.

Military bunkers from the 2nd world war with exposition of real weapons, items and furniture

Bratislava Castle

National Wine Exhibition with 100 of best Slovak wines and tasting

Museum of transport

Clock Museum

Organ Concert in Cathedral, theatre or other activities program,

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Licensed Bratislava guide

Audio system for walking tour

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