Hungary – Budapest

Hungary is one of the most beautiful places in central Europe, being on the European map for 1100 years. Hungary is famous for its cuisine and red Tokay wine.  8 Monuments are listed in UNESCO word heritage – Aggtelek kras with the biggest cave system in Central Europe,  Hortobágyi prairie, lake Fertő,  the most western of the Eurasian prairies, in Pécs is an old-time  Christian cemetery,  a 1000 years old – still functioning – Benedictine  monastery in Pannonhalm, a medieval village of Hollókő, in the Tokay wine region.  The capital,  Budapest was created late, in 1873 by connecting  Buda, Óbuda and Pešť. Since then the city has undergone an amazing dynamic development with constructions of lots of Boulevards and palaces. In 1896 the first metropolitan in Europe was built here. The main monument is Buda Castle, the nearby church of St.Mathias and the romantic Fisherman bastion. Along the Danube you can find the majestic building of Parliament, palaces, museums, Hero´s Square with Hungarian Viziers nearby the Népliget park. For entertainment you can go to Amusement park Vidámpark,  ZOO or Tropicarium. Directly in the city you can find a lot of thermal spas and Aquaparks. You just need to decide which attraction you will choose!!