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Austria - Vienna

Austria, the country with only 8 million inhabitants is an absolute European highlight regarding the natural beauty and cultural and historical monuments including 8 registered by UNESCO. It’s a country of the majestic mountains of the Alps. The capital of the country is Vienna, situated only 65 km from Bratislava and easily reachable by car or by bus but also by train or boat. Vienna is the birthplace of the world famous waltz, famous personalities of music such as Mozart, Haydn or internationally recognized Austrian doctor and psychologist Sigmund Freud. The most glorious period of Vienna was under the Hapsburg rule, when Vienna was the capital of the Austria – Hungarian Empire and the whole of central Europe at this time . The main monuments are the Cathedral of St. Stefan, Emperor’s castle Hofburg, and lots of palaces. Nearby from the city center, Maria Theresa decided to build a castle Schönbrunn, open to public.  Vienna is a city of culture, excellent gastronomy and entertainment, for example in the Prater Amusement Park. You will find there the oldest ZOO in Europe, from the Maria Theresa period. This is a city worth to be visited.