The most suitable destination for conferences

Bratislava is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. Thanks to its location in the center of Europe and two international airports nearby, M. R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava and Vienna International Airport, Bratislava is surprisingly affordable for travelers from any part of the world.

The second proof of Bratislava’s excellence is the quality of the services at a really affordable prices, especially electrical services and manufacturing of materials. Bratislava is a heaven for talented and hardworking people, and the quality of produced goods and services has been internationally recognized. It’s one of the reasons for opening new factories of the automotive industry, as well as subsidiaries of several multinational corporations in Bratislava and its surroundings.

Bratislava is also known as a “smart city”. It is the city of exceptional ideas and world-famous companies like ESET, Pixel Federation, etc. which make Bratislava the city with thriving start-up ecosystem full of innovative people. And this is the reason why we have hosted various international technology conferences directly in Bratislava with the participation of the founders of these innovative companies and other leaders of Slovak industry.

Bratislava is a small big city, feels serene and calmer which present advantages like efficient travel connections (e.g. from the hotel to the conference and from the airport to the hotel etc.), which are very comfortable for leisure after a busy day. The historic center is full of bars and restaurants surrounded by a lot of great hotels which you can reach within 15 minutes walk – and therefore you do not necessarily need a taxi or public transport to get to see the city, enjoy a dinner and then safely get to your hotel easily. The compactness of Bratislava is a nice feature of this city.

TOUR4U DMC – Your conference partner in Bratislava

The company TOUR4U DMC is the leading DMC company in Slovakia. 20 years of experience and a dedicated staff guarantee the quality of the services and the total handling of your event above and beyond expectations.

All our experts in conferences and meetings know all the best hotels and non-hotel facilities in Bratislava and we will propose the most relevant options for your event according to your requirements with the possibility of additional services and supporting programs that facilitate your organization or help you and your participants.