Bratislava, Walking Tour

Bratislava, Walking Tour...
1-3 hours or more

Through old Bratislava accompanied by licensed guides for 1-3 hours or more, who will show and tell you about the interesting sites and historical events of Bratislava. A chance to view the city from the ‘UFO ‘ perched atop the New Bridge - 85 m high...


Any time of a year, day and night UPON RESERVATION...


We show you the nicest areas of the Old Town of Bratislava - you will see the Main Square, with the Old Town Hall rising from a corner of the Main Square; Roland Fountain, the oldest fountain in the city; St. Martin's Cathedral, the coronation Cathedral of Hungarian Kings; ancient St. Clare’s Church; St. Michael's Gate, the last well-preserved town gate; the executioner's house; Venturska Street, site of the rich musical life of the city; many palaces from the time of Empress Maria Theresa; the beautiful Slovak National Theatre and Slovak Philharmonic; Primate's Palace; and many other remarkable sites. Galleries, museums, churches, etc., can be visited during the tour.

We also recommend visiting:

St. Martin's Cathedral - where 11 Hungarian kings, including Maria Theresa, and 8 of their spouses were crowned.
The Primate's Palace- contains the Hall of Mirrors and a collection of historic tapestries that tell the mythic, tragic love story of Hero and Leander.
A panoramic view from the UFO restaurant atop the New Bridge - from the New Bridge over the Danube river, see the Old Town, Castle, and surroundings.
Church and other concerts, Theatre

Combination and tailor-made tours possible upon booking.