Bratislava, the Great Tour

A major tour through Bratislava...
1¼ - 3 hours or more

From the Old Town directly to the courtyard of medieval Bratislava Castle, with a visit to the coronation church, tapestries...


All day and evening UPON RESERVATION
Tour: Map

Presporacik - Oldtimer®XL takes you through the nicest areas behind the Old Town gates direct to the courtyard of the meieval Castle with a beautiful view of the entire city and its surroundings.

From the banks of the Danube along the way, you will see the Slovak National Theater and Slovak Philharmonic; many beautiful churches; the inverted pyramid of the Slovak Radio Station; the Grassalkovich/Presidential Palace, once the archbishop's summer palace and now the residence of the government; Parliament; the Town Walls; and St. Martin's Cathedral, before heading back to the Old Town, from where we recommend you take the Old Town Tour or the Walking Tour. You will see the Main Square; Roland Fountain, the oldest fountain in the city; St. Martin's Cathedral, the coronation Cathedral of Hungarian Kings; ancient St. Clare’s Church; St. Michael's Gate; Venturska Street, center of the vibrant musical life of the city; many palaces from the time of Empress Maria Theresa; the beautiful Slovak National Theatre and Slovak Philharmonic; the Primate's Palace; and many other remarkable sites.

We also recommend visiting:
St. Martin's Cathedral - where 11 Hungarian kings, including Maria Theresa, and 8 of their spouses were crowned.
The Primate's Palace- contains the Hall of Mirrors and a collection of historic tapestries that tell the mythic, tragic love story of Hero and Leander.
Church and other concerts, Theatre
Possible combinations:

1. Old Town Tour on Presporacik - Oldtimer® (30min.-1hour.)+ Town and Castle Tour on Presporacik - ldtimer®XL (45min. - 1¼ hours), with optional visit to the Primate's Palace (30 min.) - Total: 1¼-3 hours

2. Old Town Tour on Presporacik - Oldtimer® (30min.-1hour) with optional visit to the Primate's Palace (apr. 30 min.) - Total: 1¼-2 hours

3. Town and Castle Tour on Presporacik - Oldtimer®XL (45min. - 1¼ hours) + Old Town Walking Tour (30 min. or more) + optional visit to the Primate's Palace
(30 min.) - Total: 1½-3 hours

4. Should you come by your own bus, our licensed guides will take you to the castle, show you the surroundings, and then you can continue with a ride on Presporacik - Oldtimer® Old Town Tour, or with a walking tour.

Tours are tailor-made.