Program offerings

  1. Bratislava
  2. Bratislava and its surroundings – The Little Carpathian Wine Tour and the Devin Castle
  3. One-day trips from Bratislava
  4. Three to Six day tours across Slovakia

All tours may be combined with various alternatives of two – three and more-day trips are possible. Accommodation may be arranged in various categories according to your travel needs.

1. Bratislava

30 minutes, half-day or whole-day tours

Possible combinations:

  • Presporacik Old Town tour
  • Presporacik XL to the Bratislava Castle
  • Walking tour
  • Tour with your coach / Presporacik XL to the Castle & walking tour
  • Tour with your coach / Presporacik XL to the Castle & Presporacik Old Town Tour
  • Theater & walking tour / coach / Presporacik
  • Church concerts & walking tour / coach / Presporacik
  • Musical Bratislava

We will pick you up by coach or Presporacik XL at the Danube Embankment and you will see Slovak National Theater, The Slovak Philharmonic, The upside-down pyramid of the Slovak Radio, The Presidential Palace, The former summer residence of the Archbishop of Esztergom and at present the Seat of the Slovak Government, The Slovak Parliament, The Old City Walls, Numerous churches including the visit of the former coronation church - St. Martin's Cathedral, where eleven Hungarian kings, including Maria Theresa, and eight of their spouses were crowned.

Lunch in the centre
The visit to the Primatial Palace includes the Hall of Mirrors and a collection of historical tapestries depicting the ancient story from the Greek mythology of the tragic love of Hero and Leander. Afterwards we recommend that you, either, take the Old Town Tour by Presporacik or the Walking Tour .
You will see the Old Town Hall rising from the corner of the Main Square, the Maximilian Fountain - the oldest fountain in the city, ancient St. Clare’s Church, St. Michael's Gate - the last remaining well-preserved city gate, the executioner's house, Venturska Street – the centre of the rich musical life of the city, palaces from Maria Theresa times, the plague pillar and a lot of other remarkable sites.
Concerts or Opera in the evening.
Musical Bratislava (3 hours) with the tour guide
We will show you the nicest places in Bratislava in the pedestrian zone.
You will see the Kutscherfeld´s Palace – where the composer and piano virtuoso A.G. Rubinstein lived in 1947-1948, the house of J. N. Humme; the pianist of the Austrian origin who was born in Bratislava; the Gymnasium where Bela Bartok, a Hungarian composer and pianist attended in the 19th century; the Keglevich Palace connected with L. van Beethoven; the Palffy’s Palace where 6-year old W.A. Mozart performed; the Zichy Palace – where one-hand piano player Zichy lived; De Pauly Palace where F. Liszt began his career at 9-years old; opera; the seat of the Slovak Philharmonic.
Afterwards we recommend to visit a church concert or an opera performance.

2. Bratislava and its surroundings – Little Carpathian Wine Tour and the Devin Castle

Half-day, whole-day programs:

  • Little Carpathian Wine Tour
  • Bratislava & Wine tour (up to 100 Km)
  • Devin Castle & Wine tour (up to 100 Km)
  • Bratislava & Devin Castle (up to 50 Km)
  • Open Wine Cellars Tour (50- 100 Km)
  • Pottery Tour
  • The Red Stone Castle Tour

Duration: 4 – 8 hours
Magnificent and romantic ruins of the Devin Castle situated high above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers; it is only a 20 minute drive from the centre of Bratislava. Then visit the Red-Stone Castle, which houses the museum of furniture and lifestyle of aristocracy as well as a unique collection of historical weapons and precious paintings. Included in the sightseeing is a visit to the largest castle cellars in Central Europe.


You will visit a traditional workshop of Modra pottery, where visitors can admire skills and craftsmanship of the local producers at work from throwing a pot, traditional hand painting to the final firing of each spectacular finished piece with the chance to take home some souvenirs. After the tour you can participate in wine tasting and dinner in a traditional Slovak restaurant and wine cellar.
Our recommendation is the “duck menu” (soup, roasted duck with cabbage and potatoes, poppy seed potato pancakes)

Open Wine Cellars Tour – 4 h.
You will visit a National Saloon of Wines, where you can taste eighty of the best Slovak wines. The tour includes the visit of a cellar with the possibility of tasting the best varieties of wines from the Lesser Carpathian wine area.