Devin Castle

A tour of the Devín Castle ruins...
1-3 hours or more

The large and beautiful ruins of Devin Castle high above the Danube, only 20 minutes from the center of Bratislava...




Visit with us the ruins of ancient Devin Castle, only 20 minutes from downtown Bratislava. The castle, subject of numerous legends, rises from the top of a cliff at the confluence of the Morava and Danube rivers, and offers one of the best views of the surroundings and Austria. In 1809, the castle was blown up by Napoleon's army.

Means of transport:

  • Own
  • Bus
  • Ship
  • Combination and tailor-made tours possible upon booking

    We recommend:
    First visit all the interesting places in Bratislava and then explore the great Devin Castle ruins.

    Total duration app.. . 4 -5 hours